Im the god, Im the free man , Im the new world

Im not a Hindu, not a Muslim and not a Christian. Im The Great Indian  middle class. I am the 99% .. I am the slave of the bondages of love, respect and pride.
Marx said you have to lose nothing to lose but chains. But i live for these chains. But beyond the chain lies what everyone calls a dream. I could the see the faint rays emanating miles away. Convincing myself, those rays are for someone else, although i know its a non sequitur. I want to run away from this rat race, but 'Run Arjun Run' usage wont have a beautiful BGM and happy ending.

They call it an economic crisis. They call it a psychological crisis. They call it social and what-else-it-can-be crisis. What and all you call it, its not just a product of social and economic inequality prevailing across the country. Its the result of stagnation, to be precise Philosophical Stagnation. We have been bred in a philosophy silted by tonnes of idiocracies over millenia. The philosophy lost its soul long ago. There was a spring. But it was only 'there was'. The winter has been here for a long time. Its time for the sun to rise above the oblivions of the so called 'morality', 'belief' and custom'. Its long time we give justice to the term human civilization. Just let it happen,atleast be a silent spectator to the new spring.

There has been enough damages. The infection has reached deep enough. The skins have started rotting. The cosmetics of morality and tradition won't work any more. There are things rotten enough in the society that needs to be uprooted. Not just uprooted off, but mutilated and burnt sending flames rising high.  It wont be just a flame, but an inferno, perishing the roadblocks to the paradise of free society. A free society . Free from bondages. Free to live my dream. Free to live  myself. Free to hunt down my curiosity. Free to stand in the windy pathway fogged by slanting rain and shout out " Im a free man".


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