Its Raining and Its Summer ! Ooops I forgot Its Delhi too......

The tyranny of the summer continued across the Indian Capital.Its been a few weeks in Delhi .The Summer was in no mood to ease down his might. The hopes of a lighter summer vanished into the season's steam. To ice the steam beneath my inside and Delhi Air, I craved for the holy arrival of the monsoon gods. A desperate lover of rain resurfaced on me as I longed for her presence.

Living a monotonous life can be extremely boring. And on yet one of those ordinary days, I woke up at 10:00 AM. Monotonicity broken. Not a good reason to reach office late though.But light creaking through the window panes appeared weak,dim and blunt. Frail and weak, it could hardly bounce back from the marble floor.Walking above the semi-corpses of light lying astray on the floor, I opened the door. I heard her dance. I heard her sing. There she was , beyond the gates , a feet away.

She hopped through the streets with her anklet kissing rickshaws, roads and trees. Trapped inside her dark long hair, the unkindful rays of the sun had lost their way. From the curls of her hair, dripped drops of her bodily scent, azure drops of  freedom and pleasure.

The street was dingy with apartments encroaching into the air above the road. The four storied apartments had their cream colored skin wearing out.The spell of rain brought in a fresh heavenly music. The streets , for past few months , were used to only the screeching of cars and the ladies on their verbal duel with vegetable seller. As she continued to play the pattering tunes on the roof and roads, the young kids dashed through the wet roads. 

As they ran, they kept on rambling their thoughts to each other. Though the  spoken thoughts scrambled by the street raving rain, I could read it from their face blurred by the incessant rain “ I Love it ! and  I am ahead of you”. I envy the little turbaned child,the one who was ahead of everyone. I was never there.  I was always in the middle, the sandwiched child of destiny. As they ran, they whirled in the cold atmosphere into their skin as droplets drooling from the cloud hives. Awaiting them, lies the scolding and anger of mom. Well it’s all part of childhood. A mom’s anger can’t chase away the curiosity of these little pristine minds.

I unfolded my umbrella into the streets and stepped into the rain clad roads. My umbrella brushed against umbrellas of beautiful young ladies. After all it is the Delhi University area, the finest cross section of Indian feminine beauty. Cycle rickshaws streamed through the street. The droplets bounced from the roof to sunshades, then onto the moving rickshaws, to my umbrella and to the road. Chattering as they felt the very breath of the city. Old men took their daily strolls through the roads.

Few minutes of walk and me back in my duty. I sipped in a hot a cup of black tea and kept the windows open to fill my air with her bodily scent. As she went back to her monsoon gods, I stuck on to my daily chores.The monotonous mode of my life was reset. And the newspaper read “Monsoon wreaks havoc in Uttarakhand” . Well her beauty does conceal a lot. Beauty can be deceptive, but not in Delhi, that too this summer. No chance, No way.  And I sipped on my cup of tea  !

PS : Sorry for not uploading any pics... Will put upload some DELHI RAINS pics in a week.....


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