!!!!!! Chakyaar Chants !!!!

Well you people may be wondering what is Chakyaar . And why does it chants? What does it have to do with a blog?

Chakyaar in his attire
Chakyaar Koothu is an ancient and traditional satirical art form of  Kerala. Unlike ‘Kathakali’ and ‘Mohiniyattam’ , Chakyaar Koothu was not an art form of learned and sanskritic pundits. It was performed in common man’s language. And the artist was called Chakyaar.

During the play, Chakyaar could make fun of anyone in the audience cutting across class and caste barriers. There were lot of instances when chakyaar used his humour to expose the king of his own mistakes. Chakyaar was the only one who could remind the king. But his freedom was beneath the cosmetics and make ups. Only when the drums played the music to the art.The freedom was only on the stage. Without these makeups and decorations, he was a common man facing the tyranny of the king.

Here Iam the Chakyaar . I chant. I have the freedom to speak out. But outside this stage, this platform, im under the tyranny. Tyranny of the rotten culture. Tyranny of class discrimination. Tyranny of the plutocrats.


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