Reliving a lost time : a dive into seasons

Sitting in my hostel room , a couple of thousands of kilometres from my home, I always envy my friends who stay in kerala. Locked up in the name of privileged higher education and denied the right to feel the soul of a land lush with monsoon, trees and serenity. Well they say, you have to live it up. Whenever I ponder over  this fate of mine, my beautiful childhood  flashbacks in my mind. It was not just the wonderful days at my most loved KV NAD, but my childhood streaming across a handful of seasons. Those seasons that painted heavens in our playgrounds, school vans and open fields.  Those seasons that filled our air with laughter, joy and fragrance of innocence. Seasons that breezed through grassy fields, monsoon streams , classroom window panes and roof tiles. 

Lungi clad footballers 

Early 2000s were the times when globalization redrew the landscapes of Indian cities. It was the times when outskirt villages where swallowed into the city. Well, I never knew what was globalization then, except the red posters proudly roaring `Down with Globalization, Down with Neo-Liberalism’. Edapally Vattekunnam was one of such villages which was annexed into the rapidly growing city of Kochi. Thus the village was psychologically split.For the younger generation vattekunnam was part of the kochi city and an urban hotspot, considering the skyrocketing land prices and mushrooming multistoried buildings.But the older generation remained villagers at their heart and lived the same rural life unpolluted by urban brouhaha.  It was this wonderful blend of urban and rural life that bore multicolored springs in my childhood.

And here begins my flashback into the seasons that weaved funny yet nostalgic tales which streams through transformation of urban outskirts of Kerala. 


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